Mindacity Formula Upsell 2


If you’re struggling to create a product that knocks the socks off your customer then here’s a 9 step system to creating a great training.


Step 1:

Product Introduction


Please don’t be one of those product creators that open up their product talking about themselves. The truth is, your customers don’t care about you. They care about the results that you can help them to get.

You want to start your product reminding them of the main promise or benefit of your product.

If your product teaches your customer how to lose weight quickly while eating nothing but pizza then you could open with something like:


“10 days after you finish this course you’ll be 10 pounds lighter than you are today.

Don’t believe me?

Go ahead and go weigh yourself right now… I’ll wait….

Now write down today’s weight and put it somewhere safe.

Put a reminder on your calendar for 10 days from today to weigh yourself again.

If you follow the step-by-step instructions in this course (and eat nothing but pizza and chicken wings) your weight in 10 days will be at least 10 pounds less than today’s weight!”


A ridiculous example? Sure! But notice it reminds the customer right away what they have to gain by going through the product (and taking action).

By opening up with the big promise you remind people of why they purchased in the first place and you get them excited to continue going through your course (and if they don’t go through your course they won’t get results from it).

After your opening you’ll want to continue to elaborate on your product a bit… Why did you create the product? Who did you create it for, etc.?


Step 2:

The Elevator Pitch

After your introduction you’ll want to give them your “elevator pitch”. This is a quick overview of your product where you tell them what you’re going to be teaching in just a couple of sentences.

Imagine you’re at a hotel and you’re riding down an elevator with someone from the 20th floor. Your elevator pitch should give them a great overview of what your product is about before the elevator dings and the door opens at the lobby.


Step 3:

Why Is It Important They Learn It?

Next you’ll want to explain WHY it’s important that your customer learns what you’re going to be teaching them.

This is one of those areas that is vitally important to a certain segment of your customers (that have a certain learning style) and without it, they may not get much (if any) value out of your product.

They need to know WHY it’s important that they learn something before the material resonates with them and they can actually learn it.

You’ll want to dig deep into the benefits your customer gains after using your product. How will their life be better? Use human motivators whenever possible.


Step 4:

The Concept

Next you’ll cover the overall concept of your product. What is the history of your product? How did it come about? What are the principals behind it?


Step 5:

Step By Step


This is the meat of your product. This is where you break down step-by-step exactly what your customer needs to do in order to achieve the results promised by your product.

If you can give them specific action steps to take at each step that will help those that learn by “doing” get better results.


Step 6:

Avoiding Pitfalls

In step 6 you’ll be talking about the areas where your customer might run into obstacles when implementing the steps you teach in your product. Talk about the challenges they might face and how to overcome the challenges.


Step 7:


In this section you’ll give some steps (and actual exercises if possible) to help your customer internalize the skills they learn in your product.

Giving them things to do to practice the skill can be the difference between them just getting okay results and them becoming a master.


Step 8:

Outcome Reminder

As you reach the end of your product you’ll want to remind your customer again of what is at stake for them. Remind them of the results they can get (the big promise) if they follow through and take action on what they learned from your product.


Step 9:

What To Do Next

At the end of your product you should have a specific action step for your customer to take.

What can they do RIGHT NOW to put themselves on the path to getting results with your product?
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