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If you’ve been struggling to develop a clear plan to start or grow your business, then you’re on the right page. By using The Trinity Matrix Formula, you’ll be able to develop an entire plan for how to market, what to create, and even what to sell in a matter of hours.

This system actually came around from my own inability to develop a clear plan to grow and scale a few years back. I knew I needed to be “out there” more, knew I needed to implement and create better funnels, put out a consistent training programs, but I wasn’t sure how to actually plan for everything to get started with.

Then, one day I picked up something from Sean Mize. I can’t even remember what it was, I think it was one of the group coaching calls he was putting out at the time with PLR. What caught my eye and really changed the way I did business though was a bonus PDF report he gave with the purchase.

The bonus was just a simple little thing that showed you how to create a never ending supply of blog and audio content to help promote your business with. I never actually used it for myself though because after reading it, my mind started racing until eventually, the exact system you’re about to learn was built.

And now, years later, with hundreds of updates and customization’s to the process, it’s responsible for jump starting and growing the foundation to countless businesses on the net.


So How Do You Use It?


The actual system requires just two things. The first is the template you can download from here. The second, is a mind mapping software you can use to open that template with. What I use is Freemind so the file type will be a “.mm” program, so as long as your current software can open and convert that, you won’t need to download Freemind.

How it works is fairly simple to start though. What you’ll do is take the template I provided for you and fill out each point of the map with your own information. Once you’ve finished it, you’ll have everything you need for the next 6 – 12 months of your businesses life. I’ll go ahead and walk you through the process though to help you get started and when we’re done, give you a bit more information you’ll need for the implementation and strategizing of things.

First, we’ll need to start with the very first point. The great big center circle of the template. What you’ll put here is the market you’re involved in. This should be parent niche you’re working on, things like “Make Money Online”, “Weight Loss” or even “Relationships” for example.

Then you’ll move into the next one – Sub-Niches. Here you’ll input the three major categories you work in. If you picked “Make Money Online” then you might teach “List Building, Traffic Generation” or “copywriting”, whatever they are though, you’ll need to put here to make three new points.

Then, Micro-Niches are next. Under each of your Sub-Niches, you’ll put the three micro niches to that point. So traffic would have the points “Paid”, “Social”, or “SEO” as an example. You’ll need to create nine of these points, three for each sub-niche.

Next, you’ll have problems. Under each Micro-Niche you’ll need to put in the three biggest problems your audience has with those categories creating a total of 27 different problems.

Finally, you’ll have three solutions to each problem giving you a grand total of 81.

Once you finish this step, go back over the map and count out each section, you should have a total of

  • 1 Market
  • 3 Sub-Niches
  • 9 Micro-Niches
  • 27 Problems
  • 81 Solutions


If you’re mind map doesn’t have these exact numbers, go back over it and find what you’re missing and finish it up. Then, we can move on with the next section.


Explaining The Process


Each and every point you just created serves a specific point in the overall process.

The Market is the general overview of things. It creates the entire flow of your business and where this system will eventually cap at. The two key programs you’ll eventually create with this are a 9-12 month coaching program or done for you solution for your consulting clients.

The Sub-Niche will end up giving you three 12 week workshops, 12 week group coaching programs, or membership sites. These will most likely be the second most expensive offer’s you create in terms of overall income.

The Micro-Niches are where the bulk of your customers will most likely end up. This point gives you access to webinars, medium – high ticket programs, 4 week workshops and possibly even physical book offers.

The Problems are where most of this formula is centered around. This gives you access to Brand Optimizers, Lead Magnets, Money Magnets, and potential kindle books and webinars.

Then, your solutions provide you with blog content, podcasts, video, social media updates, and more. This section will be responsible for everything you put out in the future and will actually stack on each point to help you minimize the workload by leveraging existing content.

So how exactly should you structure things?


By Creating Funnels!

For those of you who may not know, a funnel is an established path you set for your visitors and audience to follow to get them from step A, to step Z.

By using funnels, you’ll be able to drastically increase the amount of money each person spends with you and eventually, the amount of money you make in general. Which is kind of important for a business, right?


So here’s how each point will affect your funnel and the role they’ll play within your system.


The Syndicated Solution


Your solutions is where the magic happens. Each solution should be one piece of information in your business. Regardless of what format you decide on, audio – video – blog – whatever it is, this will be the gateway into everything else. All solutions should lead back to a landing page giving away one of the lead magnets you’ll create.


The Collector


Your problems will essentially be broken down into three categories.


  1. Brand Optimizers
  2. Lead Magnets
  3. Money Magnets


Your Brand Optimizers are special little reports you develop whose entire purpose is to increase and establish your brand in the market place. These reports should be shared freely in as many places as you can (legally and ethically). No buying, no subscribing, just a straight download so they can open and read. That’s it.

Your Lead Magnets serve one, and only one function. To build your list. My recommendation for these have always been to use 3 of the 27 points as a lead magnet and the remaining ones will be used as brand optimizers, unannounced bonuses for your list, and money magnets. What you decide on though will be based off how you operate your business.

Then, finally, we have money magnets. These serve to turn your subscribers, into buyers. Easy enough, right? The two most common way of using these are to provide a tripwire offer to your new subscribers or use them to launch products and have affiliates send you traffic (and sales).


Micro-Niche Profits

The micro-niche points are going to be the medium, to high ticket programs you’ll be selling. These will usually end up being on the back end of launches or funnels in your list building campaigns.


Sub-Niche Satisfaction

Your sub-niches will be where the recurring income comes into play. You will usually go with one of two options here. The first, is create a sequence to send your Micro-Niche buyers and pull them into the program this way. The second, is to have one or two of your micro-niche programs set as webinars to pitch the group coaching program to on the backend.


Market Domination

Finally, the market. This one is a bit tricky and depends on what you want to offer. This can be either a one on one coaching program, group coaching program, or done for you solution depending on your own blueprint. Because of this, you’ll have to decide on the best way to do it for your business.


So What Do You Do?

Unfortunately, I can’t answer that for you unless we jump on a call to discuss it. But I can provide you with three basic systems you can model to get you started. Simply take your pick based off your goals and use it as a basis to implement your new blueprint with.

The first one are for those interested in becoming authors and getting some speaking gigs built up.

The goal here is to get mass exposure through social media and podcasting using your solutions.

Then, you’ll use the problems section to develop kindle books to help build up the audience you currently have and give them a taste to the type of “paid information” they can access.

Your micro-niches and sub-niches will then be used to create physical books to launch to your audience while your “market” will basically just be skipped entirely or used as a basis for any speaking gigs or consulting clients you’re able to generate from your books.

Then, we have The Launcher.

Here you’ll be using your solutions to help generate buzz and pre-sell content.

Your problems will be used as front end and funnels products which are typically priced low with 100% commissions to attract affiliates. Then, your micro niches will be used as a medium to high ticket offer on the back end of those launches.

My suggestion would be to use the sub – niches to create membership sites, coaching programs, etc… You do an internal launch to promote to your followers which will help build up the passive income side of things that you’re launches will typically fail to do.

Finally, we have The Celebrity.

This entire program is based on creating a disruption in the marketplace by giving away solid information that most people are typically charging for.

Your solutions should be all content formats possible, in fact, it’s best to use the tactic I discuss here if you’re able and turning your social media accounts into a hub that shares and constantly circulates all those resources. The only difference to how you would use this method though would be using the three solutions to every one problem as the basis for those reports instead of the 8 – 10 articles mentioned in the post.

Your problems will all be used as brand optimizers, physical books, and lead magnets to help build your list and audience.

Then, your micro niche points will be medium – high ticket programs primarily focusing on 4 week workshops while your sub-niches serve the same function as bigger, better, and longer training’s.


Moving Forward

What you actually do moving forward though is based on you. The most important thing though is to just get started.

What I’ve just shown you how to do is the exact process I charge people $1,000 to go in and help create for them while building a customized strategy to help them meet their goals. You got it for free.

If this is something you’d like to get some help creating and have personalized strategies created to work for you, then you can fill out the form located HERE and I’ll contact you to see if we’re a good fit.
While you’re here though, would you do me a favor? I would love to know what you think and if you have any questions. Drop me a line below and let me hear all about it.


Until then though,
Matthew Roe




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